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We provide your business with global expertise and guidance in the virtual age.


Who we are

Kiwa Consulting is a business consulting firm that was founded by five young entrepreneurs from around the world. We realized how expensive and difficult it can be for companies to build an online presence, so we are here to make a change. Kiwa believes that every business should have a strong online presence, regardless of their size, which is why we provide exceptional service at half the price.

What we do

Kiwa Consulting provides services such as website development and social media management. This includes the creation of websites from scratch as well as modernizing current websites and making them a more powerful business tool. Kiwa will turn your website from a boring, outdated page into a modern, appealing asset to your business.

Our Services

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Social Media 

Website Development

Digital Consulting

Our Mission

Here at Kiwa, we want to better serve the business community by providing exceptional websites to small businesses.

Our Vision

Kiwa Consulting strives for a world where every small business is fully integrated online with their own engaging website.

Why Kiwa Consulting?

International Consultants

We're Global

Consultants in all four corners of the globe to ensure we can help you wherever you are. We provide consulting services in Northern America, Europe, and Africa as well. This is all to better serve your business needs.

Strategic Evaluation Session

We Assess

Evaluating your business and examining it thoroughly to ensure we can properly address your concerns and business needs. What is it that needs to be done to stream line your business, we have the answer.

Extensive Business Background

We're in the know

Diverse backgrounds in various industries and places means we have the necessary expertise to know exactly how to turn your business around to best serve your customers and your business in the long run.

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